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April 21, 2008


frank adkins

Still no Steak Escape?...................... Glad your there safe.....holllaaa

S Malott

I think your beard, or chin hair, or chin beard hair thing has gotten bigger since you left, and I am impressed with your respect for the law. Glad to hear you made it safe, and can't wait to hear from you while down there.


you'd better find that choc. covered raisin, Dude.......NOT cool.....


sorry.... I don't like your chin beard the best anymore. It's getting a little scary, like it's slowly eating ur face or something...


LOL, Sara!! that was huh-larious!!

sorry to say this Bryan, but i actually had a dream last night that you trimmed you chin beard....honestly!!


You don't have to listen to this beard trimming nonsense! You should do what makes you feel closer to Jesus! If a nappy, long, soon to be braided chin beard is the winning ticket for this season....cash it in yo!!! The girls are just jealous because they can't (and shouldn't ever) grow one!!!

FYI - I trimmed mine and got a haircut... I lost like 5 pounds and I ran 20 seconds faster on a 3 mile course!!!

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