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April 22, 2008





another question to ponder for the CR...

S Malott

I agree with you about the table, who wants to be singled out and labeled, and a free gift, whatever; what we need to do is, like you said, sit down with that person and get to know them. Now are we going to remember everything talked about, I hope so, but possibly not. I feel that we do a sucky job of making people not feel as outsiders when they enter the "church". How many times have you seen a new person (1st or 2nd time visitor) and they are there staring into space, or are re-reading the bulletin for the 12th time, all the while we are chatting with someone, within some circle, about some surface topic, while looking at that person(s) and not doing anything to make them feel as a part of the Kingdom (How many of us were in this position? How many of us vowed that once they gotten established that they would be sympathetic and never let this happen to anyone else?) We need to step away from our comfort zones and approach these people and make them feel welcomed (We were these people!), if we can't do it now within an established church, how do we possibly think we are going to do it as fledgling in a new church with the charge of reaching the unchurched, or be bold to talk to that person that we encounter during our daily routine who is searching. It is all about relationships! If we can't be strong enough, and put behind us the fear of putting ourselves out there, and to break away from our comfort zones to make someone feel welcomed, the we have failed, and it highlights our weaknesses. Be bold, have faith, and build relationships it will be amazing who we will be able to touch, you were, right?

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