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August 11, 2010


Karen Schrock

Hey you! :)

5 Deliberate Thoughts About Your Random Thoughts

1. It is refreshing. And self-less. Bold. And quite beautiful... presented with a twist of humor to lighten it up for those who actually may not have been “at home” there. The important thing is to encourage those who are looking to find a church where they feel at home, a part, like family is supposed to feel. Family.... a word to be redefined, as church and love and ministry and friends and so many other words have needed to be. But that’s a random thought not about your random thought.
2. On our list. Good to know it was funny!
3. Priceless. And sooooooo precious. That's some beautiful, seed sowing pain. :) Keep tending the garden so the seed can grow healthy and strong. BTW, the watering never stops.... and that's a goooood thing! *heart moment*
4. Greatness may often arrive with one man, but it is never sustained nor does it impact a people, by one alone. (P.S. Thrilled you were refreshed! Keep that stretching of yourself in your routine check ups, it’s healthy for you and those with you.)
5. Sadly, too many find it comforting to blame the devil for the torrent... and that's all they want to see through the pouring pain.

Random thoughts of my own now racing. Lol, but then again, it doesn't take much to get my brain in gear! Miss ya. Abrazos!!!


thanks, karen. hope you and the family are doing well. praying for you all!

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