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September 21, 2010



Hey there, This is G. Emerson Brant, the founder of America's Christian Talent.

This is an opportunity for contestants in our program to extol their faith in God through their music or whatever their talent happens to be, and without any requirement to stand on their heads, lol.

We also want America to be the sole "judge" in our contest, and we refute the platform offered in other talent competitions that seem to be more about celebrity judges, being paid salaries of $millions of dollars, than focusing on the folks taking the stage.

To say nothing of corporate sponsors like AT&T who make more $millions by enforcing an archaic text messaging voting system when their audience need not be encumbered with such nonsense and associated costs just to vote.

Wait, I mad a mistake, the judges are the first ones to come out on the stage and be applauded.

G. Emerson Brant, Founder
America's Christian Talent


Just one more quick follow up.

"American Idol" and "America's Got Talent" are not about faith, that's the major difference between their programs and ours.

'Nuff said, thanks.

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